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Cream Puffs by Kate

Cream of the Crop

Cream Puffs by Kate’s cakes and pastries are a sight to behold and an experience to delight in. “We cater mostly to young buyers who value milestones in their lives…”

“… Mini Fondant Cakes for their anniversaries, Cream Puffs mom’s birthday, Cookies saying sorry to dad, Brownies to send a greeting and brighten up a friend’s day, or simply satisfy a craving for sweet sugary treats” says owner Kate.

Food delivery was crucial to her business success.

“I needed a business partner who would be able to deliver my pastries within the same day to guarantee freshness. This is why I switched to Quicktime. E-mail, landline calls and also via SMS when rush orders come in after office hours. Their employees are pleasurable to talk with when booking for a pick and making inquiries. They are genuinely geared towards providing quality service. Quicktime gave me the shipping convenience at a flat rate where my buyers would no longer have to worry about higher shipping fees when ordering more pastries.”

She also credits Quicktime’s personalized services in helping her grow Cream Puffs by Kate. “I feel I have built a friendship with Quicktime’s employees and more so with Ms. Joan who personally replies to my email be it a question, a request or an issue. She deals with them promptly with much heart.

I would like to sincerely thank them for their same day delivery service which has been a very big help for my business. God bless and more power!”

Multiply Store http://withsomuchlove.multiply.com

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