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The Purpektionshop

Personalized and Customized

The online shop has been importing and exporting contact lenses, make-ups, shirts and other health and beauty products for 3 years now.

Like most online businesses, courier delivery has been part of their business growth. “Most of our products are quite fragile,” says the shop. “We have tried almost all the couriers and it’s only with Quicktime that we didn’t get complaints of breakage due to shipping.”

“We have not encountered any delivery delays with Quicktime. We always suggest them to our co-sellers because of cheap rates, yet fast and efficient service!”

Purpektionshop loves the staff of Quicktime. “Their staff is nice and very accommodating. They keep us updated on pickups and deliveries. They always accept calls via landline or mobile which is a plus for us since sometimes our internet provider is down,” adds the shop.

urpektionshop was even once mistaken as a co-owner of the courier company because of the way they stand by the service of the courier company. “Well, that is how proud we are of Quicktime! They really deserve kudos for their service! Our sales increased and we gained more customers because of them.”

“Keep up the good work, Quicktime team!”

Website http://purpektionshop.com

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